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Bjorn Borg

Club Rules

Thank you for joining the South End Lawn Tennis Club. We hope that your membership will provide you with many opportunities to enjoy the unique atmosphere our club has to offer, and meet other tennis enthusiasts throughout the summer. We ask that you take a few moments to review these rules and to keep them in mind when playing at the club.

Memberships are non-transferrable.


  1. Use of Club facilities is for paid members only, and guests in accordance with these rules.
  2. The lock combination is not to be shared with non-members. The lock combination will be changed periodically, and members will be notified by email. If there are no other members playing when you leave, please ensure you secure the lock.
  3. The court booking system should be used to reserve court time. A court may be used for one (1) hour and must then be relinquished to any member waiting for a court. The court-usage board should be used to mark start times.
  4. Membership dues are expected to be paid in full at the beginning of each year, and in any event as soon as an individual commences playing. Playing privileges of any person who has not paid their dues will be suspended until full payment is received by the Club Treasurer. The Club Treasurer will post in the clubhouse a current list of paid Club members.
  5. GUEST RULES are as follows:
    1. An individual from within HRM who has not been to the Club before is permitted access to the Club for one (1) day to play and assess the facilities. That access is free. Subsequent access requires the individual to purchase a full membership.
    2. An individual from outside HRM may acquire a 1-week membership at $100 per week, to a maximum of 2 weeks per year. Alternatively, such an individual may pay $20 per day to access the Club, to a maximum of 7 days per year. An individual wishing to use such guest privileges must pay in advance and must always be accompanied by a Club member (and the Club member must notify a member of the Executive of their desire to bring a guest to the Club). The Club member is responsible for their guest.
    3. Guests are expected to cede court time to Club members, in case of limited court availability.
    Club members are expected to strictly comply with, and actively assist in enforcing, the rules regarding guests.
  6. USE OF COURTS AND OTHER CLUB FACILITIES BY ANY PERSON IS AT ALL TIMES AT THE SOLE RISK OF SUCH PERSON. Without limiting the foregoing, persons using the courts and facilities are advised that court surfaces, steps, and other parts of the Club may be slippery from time to time due to moisture (including ice) and/or fallen foliage.
  7. The Club is not liable for any items lost or stolen on Club property.
  8. Persons using the Club are always requested to maintain the facilities neat and tidy. To that end, please deposit waste and litter, including tennis cans/lids and expended tennis balls, in the appropriate receptacles.
  9. Bicycles, in-line skates, roller skates, skateboards, and any similar equipment are not permitted on the courts.
  10. Members and their guests are requested to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner.
    1. Suitable attire, including tennis shoes, is required.
    2. Proper tennis etiquette is to be observed.
  11. Lessons are only to be conducted by professionals authorized by the Club, currently being HeadStart Tennis.
  12. By paying your membership dues and becoming a member you agree that you will be bound by these rules and that you will ensure your guests comply with the rules that apply to their use of the Club facilities.

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact your board at southendtennisclub@gmail.com.


The South End Lawn Tennis Club was established in 1890, making it one of the oldest such clubs in Nova Scotia and one of the oldest tennis clubs in Canada. There were originally five grass courts extending from Young Avenue to what is now MacLean Street.

The land on which the Club stood was purchased by a group of active members in order to save the Club, each paying a small amount of cash and borrowing the balance against a first mortgage of $2,900.

It did not take long for membership to grow, and by 1900 the Club boasted 124 playing members and 59 tea members. Two years later the membership had increased to 193, consisting of 63 men, 67 women and 63 tea members.

The original courts were grass before being changed to clay in 1911. Competition was always strong within the Club and the South End Lawn Tennis Club did well in Provincial Tournaments, winning the "SilverBowl" trophy for many years in a row. The Club hosted the Nova Scotia Provincial tournament for the first time in 1907.

During World War 1 the membership dropped considerably due to the number of male members who had enlisted for active service. By 1922 the membership had grown to 213. This included a Junior membership of 40. The financial position of the Club was beginning to show strength for the first time in years. The Club now had a cash balance. At the annual meeting in 1922, it was suggested a Savings Bank account be established and a balance of $300.00 was put in, as a start of a Reserve Fund. In 1924 the Club pavilion was remodelled at a cost of $483.58 and a water line was installed for $49.00 plus trenching.

It should be noted that it was forbidden to play tennis on Sundays until the bylaws were amended in 1929 finally permitting Sunday playing. Electricity was run into the clubhouse in 1952, and in 1956 the lower two courts were sold to pay the realty taxes. In 1969 the court surface was changed to Har-tru until 1977 when they were converted to hard surface, as they remain to the present day.